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Ceramic Tiles/Shapes

Blank 1400 x 1400.png
Untitled (5).png

Volcano & Crystal Glass 10x10

Embellishment Collage_edited.jpg


Ceramic/Glass Charms

Flower Petals

Glass Dots/Triangles

Blank 1400 x 1400(1).png

Glass Gems/Melts

15x15 Glass Tiles - Royal Blue.jpg

Glass 15x15 Tiles

Glitter Tile Collage (1).png

Glitter Tiles

Glass Tiles 12x12 Blue.png

Glass Tiles 12x12

Jandal Kitset.png

Mosaic Kitsets

Vitreous Tiles

Gold Link

Mirror Tiles

Tools & Grout

Decor Transfer = Highland.png

Decor Transfers

Fallen petals Layout Website_edited_edit

Fallen Petals

Acrylic Word Tiles.jpg.png

Iridescent Range 15x15 & 20x20

Penny Rounds 18MM

Stained Glass

Etsy Shop Owner Photo.png

Decoupage Napkins

Mandala Base.jpg.png

Wooden Bases

Treasure Packs/Color Blends

Rice paperr - Birds on Music paper.jpg.png

Rice Papers/Tissue Papers

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